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QFS Offline Vault is backed up by FRA (Funds retrieving agent, this will enable you to withdraw all your money back after bank reset. You can only save your money, retirements saving on here by purchasing iso assets e.g XLM, XRP and some other assets.

Our commitment to customer satisfaction is second to none, and we work tirelessly to ensure that our clients are completely satisfied with our services

At QFS Offline Vault Company, we understand how critical your data is to you, and we are committed to helping you recover it in a timely and efficient manner. Our team of experienced professionals uses state-of-the-art technology and techniques to retrieve data from a wide range of devices, including hard drives, solid-state drives, RAID arrays, and mobile devices.

During the bank crash It will be shut down and Money in there stolen and never return again, as Joe Biden is destroying the dollar. Bank reset will affect many countries especially in the USA🇺🇸 , Canada 🇨🇦 and Australia 🇦🇺

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High Reliability

we are trusted by a huge number of people. We are working hard constantly to improve the level of our security system and minimize possible risks

Safe and Secure

Our company conducts absolutely legal activities in the legal field. We are certified to operate investment business. We are legal and safe.

Priority Services

we provide 24/7 customer support through email and telegram. Our support representative are periodically available to help you through any difficulty.

Professional Team

we have many years of experience working on stock exchanges and in the sphere of cryptocurrency mining – you can completely entrust your investments to us.

0% Transaction Fee

Your funds can be instantly withdrawn 24 hours, 7 days a week in order to keep you in control if your finances

Hardware Failure

To date, QFS Offline Vault has recovered over $2.4 million in cryptocurrency from failed hard drives, RAID arrays, solid-state drives, and other devices.

Say No to Dollar crashy

After the great bank reset, you can withdraw all $ saved here in fchain network. Securing your money in fchain network is more safer than Central banks. Meanwhile, remember that both Central banks, retirement savings and stock markets will be crashing.

Choose our company, QFS Offline Vault, and experience the benefits of our specialized knowledge and cutting-edge techniques.

We guarantee fast and efficient results, so you can get back to business as usual without missing a beat. Trust us to recover your data assets and cryptocurrencys, and enjoy peace of mind knowing that your information is in good hands.

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The development and management of a large scale investment portfolio is an incredibly complicated endeavour. Notwithstanding, the system that we have developed consists of three simple steps, if we look at the process from your - our customers’ - perspective.

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